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  • well, right now im in san diego. on the ninteenth im takin a bus to bakersfield, hoppin and hitchin from there. pretty much gonna stick to the highline, then cross up into PA from chicago. right now its me and my bro scalp, im meetin with a couple girls in bakersfield though, they might roll too. all i can really tell you is that, unless i lose scalp somewhere, its definatly going to be me and him. but it is quite a few miles, and for some reason folks tend to wind up travelin with me randomly... im really not tryin to mob deep so people are prolly gonna get buttheart, prolly jus me, scalp and no more than 2 others.
    dont see why i couldnt go, pittsburgh right? i'm not too sure if them crimethinc folks will really appreciate my crews perverse drinking and anti pc attitude, but fuck it, its all in good fun. i'll make my way out there, sounds like a good time.
    absolutely. where are you now and where are ya headed?

    my phone number is 704.640.6478 hit me up and we'll get something together!
    oh shit man, where ya goin onverseas? fuckin ive been meanin to go over to europe for about two years, every fall its like, yea... next summer.. then i slack off, spend the money i get from doin labor on random shit. i've traveled through mexico a bit though, ridin trains down there is nuts. where ya stayin at? maybe we can get some booze before ya take off
    i dont think i know you but hello anyways!! what do you plan to be getting into this summer, maybe we will run into ech other
    hey. im shitbag danny obviously, i dont know if i know you. lets get some pabst and speed and take over missoula later this year. minus the speed. sorry if i do know ya, dont mean to be a dick. lets get wasted
    what up, slick! pleased to make your acquaintance. did we travel together at some point? forgive this old hazy memory, if we have...
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