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  • hey, how have you been? still in chicago? i caught a train out hoping to go to baltimore, but ended up going to buffalo. had to jump off the train there cause they were doing a shit ton of construction on the tracks, and i got spotted. ended up getting a greyhound the rest of the way to baltimore.
    Kezban you craazzzy gypsy! it's been a long time no heard from ya. i see you're in chicago still? i miss you!!!!
    Met an awesome traveller yesterday downtown chicago but somehow we got seperated. where the fuck you at kid?
    heck yea man call when ye get here nine one nine four two three seven zero seven four
    hey, im going to be hopping trains out of chicago to baltimore. looking for someone to hang out with along the way if you're interested. im leaving chicago on the 7th of august.
    Flapjack said: "Do You hear THAT, feet? Kezban's bringin you some new shoes, you best be ready..."
    am i too tired to go right now and chill with Flapjack and Molly on their last day in town? fuck no
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