I really am as real as they get!
not really just like 2 think so
Just when I'm living
My name is KeNo Star
Look me up on face book
formerly known as Robin aka Ruben aka Max,Lee,Juice,Mute
I am unique..
My family is what keeps me going and my dreams!
My friends are amazing if I still got some!
I’m a lil bit of a thug 2 much 2pac
I am independent!
Music what I hear in my sleep!
Photography is my passion!
I am my own person!
I need someone to show me how to have fun anD that I can have fun with CUZ all I've seen is so much sadness all over the world and I want her to help me open my eye. help me change my life! You probably don't understand. it just hurts my soul 2 see bad things.
I'd love to find someone to share friendship, romance, lots of laughs, fun and adventure!
I love beautiful women most of all I really love beautiful eyes, beautiful hair and personality too cuz some beauty cannot be seen, only experienced emotionally and felt with the heart.
Hopefully you know what I’m talkin about.
Are you patient, honest, spontaneous and adventurous?
Do you love to travel and experience new things?
Can i stay wit U 4 da night? Or do u know where i could crash at 4 da night?
Are you warm, affectionate and a good communicator?
Are you down to earth and comfortable just being you?
Most importantly, are you looking for a GUY like me?
Then I'd love to hear from you. MAYBE OVER COFFEE Hopefully some of you know what I’m talkin about, someone that is as real as i try 2 be.
I love to look down deep into your eyes so I can see if you are the one for me.
Just one look is really all it takes but I'll be the bigger man and let you pass me BY. I love to work hard and play hard but sometimes I just sit & listen to my music and writing in my journal. Play music and writing about the past dayz of the life i live. I love to go to the mall to check out the new stuff and sometimes I just watch the people go bye because people do some funny things sometimes and I always keep I eyes open for anything and everything. Who knows I may say something when we walk by oneanother. People would say I'm cute ,cool chillin with, funny and outgoing and also a true friend. I strongly believe that a lasting relationship is founded on friendship. I'm trying to survive. I suppose my life goals continuously change. Career should be somewhere in here, but I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up, even if I'm great at a lot of things.
I'm a really chill cat. I love all types of music, food, sports ,and books. I really love poetry and the game of basketball and hockey. I'm really athletic I send most my time at the park and the Library. I'm a 27 year old sexy half black half Cree Native bortha that is 6'2 & 195 with black eyes & hair and well in shape looking to living life 2 it's fullest. I try to party all the time because it's fun and I want to live life to it's fullest. I have been through a lot of thing throughout my life but it seems like yesterday i was sitting in my 5th grade class at Pawnee Elementary wondering about life and now I just want to find my soul mate. IF you know what I'm talkin about i'm just missing that part of my life that makes me hole that can make me feel free. I need someone to show me how to have fun. I love to look down deep into your eyes so I can see if you are the one for me.
Recently I'm set on not trying to change to impress anyone. I'll tell you whatever random life story comes to mind, and probably won't care what you think. That doesn't mean I'll dress like a bum or won't pick out my hair, but I'm not all about impressing everyone anymore. If you don't like me and my life, then I guess that sucks. It made me who I am and I wouldn't change it. I guess this all sounds somewhat conceited, but I'm tired of the random "let me pretend to be someone and not tell about the real me" just to get screwed over in the end anyways.
I'm done with that. Either you like me for me, or we move on. I don't have a car, i never finish school , i barely make a living and i'm homeless. I love to smoke pot. I'm in melbourne,fl just livin it up one day at a time. I'm thinking imma head south and So I can pick up some sand and im a drop it on your f*ckin head yeah but I can have fun but i'm gone soon. If you wanna know more holla me, i have no need 2 lie or hide so i'm Ke-Noe & just wanted 2 know if U wanted 2 become friends?TRU friends not fake 1s. I just moved hopin 2 make friendships that R TRU. R U A TRU Friend? If so can i get a e-mail back? If? txt 720-232-8557
R U DA 1
Feb 18, 1984 (Age: 36)
Denver Colorado
Favorite place
your mom's box
the world wit a drink in ma hand
Are you traveling now?
Half and half
Gender Identity
Other (Not Listed)
Sexual Orientation(s)
Preferred pronoun
They / Them
Relationship status
Single & Looking
Trying to Quit


Ke-Noe Starr


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