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    Your Favorite Anarcho-Punk band:

    It's odd that this thread doesn't already exist-or if it does then i can't find it. Whatever you think fits the genere, it could sound like polka for all i care. Here goes mine- A//political Damn thing won't embed.
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    folk punk bands?

    Another great one that hasn't been mentioned is Thee Hobo Gobbelins free downloads on their site... They're from my hometown, I love em. More good folk-punk from the north bay region- (Jughead's the...
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    Santa Rosa Health & Harmony Feastival

    Opinions/stories? It's been getting worse over the years. I got caught by security and kicked out today, they had checkpoints everywhere and people patrolling around in golf carts asking to see wrist bands and shit. What is this madness?
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    White Privilege

    I think The Onion pretty much sums this up pretty well.
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    Sex in public places? Sure!

    I think my hairy ass has been on live TV in SF.
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    So it's summer again

    And us kids are free from the indoctrination facilities once more. I don't exactly know who i am introducing yet but i guess i'll tell you a little bit of what i've learned so far: Hi, my name is Ken and i'm an addict. [Monotonous meeting-goers]:Hi Ken. Well actually when i introduce...