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  • hi kai bie พำทำิำพ ทฟไหาสา่าส่สกาืกสาืรรไรยหา่กท
    Hey may you still east of Ontario....I just got back from Asia, hitting the rails on the 6th..would be nice to run into you. Ill be riding CP at least until Winnipeg
    wow, late reply on my part, but not, I got back to Manitoba for the first of September. back in university, keeping my wit sharp.
    sounds like a plan when do you think youll be on the east coast, i really want to do a sea food stew or just cook up some clams and oysters and fish
    hey man i ust figured out what my password is again, im in halifax headed to the the island then headed west south west,
    are you working in the orchards this summer? i might come by the okanogan for a bit to make some scrilla
    Hey mang! clear out some PM space! Anyways, i have a few weeks off work, maybe even quit. YAY!! I'm thinking about fruit picking in a month...maybe we can hang out, do some rides.
    ehh dude,
    thanks fer all that help
    Im in Halifax now for a minute then heading west.

    You stayin on the west coast for the summer?
    Damn thanks for reminding me, i'll probably hit up the dumpsters on wed. or something. At least I hope so. damn my folks for not letting me out at night. Oh and have fun on the island.

    - Goggles
    just left vancouver today, in victoria now.

    cailey campbell was her full name. oh well... if you wanna have a beer in victoria or something when you pass through give me a shout.
    Cailey... I do not know. Gwendolen perhaps?

    I'm in Vancouver currently. I've had about enough of it though.. I have a free ride to Tofino lined up for may so I think I'll jump on that.

    Howsabouts you?
    hey, I think I might have met you before.
    In Kelowna. you copied my CC... must've been about 4 years ago now. same dude?
    yer awesome, i hope you are livin well. folks this is a mighty fine person. I hope someday along the road, i will run into your smile.
    yeah I read about it in a book where the guy went to smoke their weed cuz he was a traveling pot writer and aparently they grow or did grow some great smoke.
    nah out sunshine coast way. i read about it in a book from a guy that traveled around the world and smoked herb. i don't know if it exists anymore but it did in the mid 90s
    im on the sun shine coast working for a bit then heading over to the farm outside of winnipeg with a rv for the winter probely in the next cupple weeks
    the message you sent was blank, write again
    haha... never made it to h-fax. got sidetracked. probably not till it's warm again will I be there. take care
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