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  • Yeah I didn't really have enough time to come get the cc, I was kind of on a tight timeline. As far as I know josh is in back in Pittsburgh, I haven't talked to him in a while though.
    Did I meet you at hellarity? I told someone they looked familiar and I think it's because I saw them on the internet.
    hey, sorry. I had left the day you posted that on my profile. And I got caught up about two days ago by the Denver police. Hope you got out!
    yo man, we're up in Providence now. Didn't really want to pay to take the subway to the party you were talking about because only made like 13 bucks. See you again somewhere!
    nah, I have never been to NY, I am mostlty trying to head to the East Coast, starting with Oregon because we have a family member up there, and then we are going to go from there to Seattle and then to CA. but in all actuality, NY scares me to death
    if you're catching out i may be down, i was looking at a plane ticket to boston cuz i wanted to get there in less than 2 weeks but i could use that 150 bucks... when are you planning on leaving? are you hopping?
    hey I just ran into Robbie and Krista in Eugene today, they're headed your way!
    not a lot, back in school until the end of summer. getting small trips in when i can.. biding my time until i can hit the road again! whereabouts are you these days?
    alot of different places, ha.
    live near ukranian village, and kind roam around wicker park here and there. what about you?
    Bronah! Hey, I got your call the other night, tried to call back to no avail.
    Drope me an e-mail:
    [email protected]
    Enola said you might be calling because Christa is stranded in L.A.?
    I'm here for a few more days, then heading East to Phoenix. Not sure if there is anything I can do, but if so let me know.
    no i dont know anything about dallas, but i think im heading out that way in a few weeks! actually i think i might know you, youre friends with russel right? who works at nabalom bakery? im his housemate at fort radical!
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