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  • Well my pack should be here today so I should be heading south from here.I'm most likely gonna hitch hike down to FL to visit my folks for a week or 2 then bounce out west and hit cali then bounce out east for new years in time square.So fuck yeah fuck yeah.If I had more time on my phone id post my number.But im down to 20 mins.
    watching inside the actors studio mickey rourke while waiting on a response from the road dogs im meetin up with.
    crap! low on food pack is tore up gona have to do some research and recon around this town.
    after walking for days and days finally gona rest up and smoke a couple cigs. X)
    i walked across 3 states too meet up with a roaddog and now he has to do jail time which sux i just hope i can meet up with my other roaddog
    lost everything then found what i needed to get to my road dogs. X)
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