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  • well, the florida trip fell through, i did too much dxm n got caught spraypainting like an ass. once courts over, either west or around ny
    westcoast soon, nyc eventually, for now its back down to florida by my first freight with some super great friends to try n squat disney etc
    westcoast/nyc/westcoast/nyc/westcoast/nyc/westcoast/nyc/westcoast/nyc i dont fucking know
    lost my job so im gonna start off somewhere closer to home. thinking west virginia, south or west from there
    trynna decide if i should keep my job til the store closes at halloween, or just a couple more weeks til i can afford a ticket west
    before you get in an argument on morality and politics, you should make sure you have beyond a 9th grade reading level.
    just got someone t upload the final, and previously unavailable anywhere online, track off my favorite bands first ep.super happy right now!
    back home in the next few weeks! cant wait t dump my girl lol, go ahead judge me
    still in NC, do i feel like bothering with rainbow or do i just wanna get home? dunno for sure just yet.
    fuck rainbow, i'm gonna hitch back home and explore NY for awhile, try n save up for a ticket west.
    that decides it, taking mega from gainesville t charlotte for 13 bucks, staying with family and waiting til they announce rainbow
    got kicked out of my stepmoms for smokin spice, not sure where to go from here so im just gonna find the nights camp and doodle til i sleep
    fuck yesss talking my mom into mailing me my skateboard, pumped as kicks life's about to be wayway better
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