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    true that. I felt pretty unprepared. needed to bring frozen water bottles by the dozen lol. I guess that's what happens when you wake up from a drunken night and your friend says "so you ready to go to the next show!!?" yikes, I so wasn't planning on it but I ended up there.

    good times though.
    hahah no worries. we technically don't know eachother at all so that's to be expected.

    that day was misserable hot. I enjoyed it but daaaamn
    cool to see you in rva, sorry i was a little out of it at the bike lot, but lemme know when your coming to rva again and hopefully we can hang out
    haha i just checked my profile comments, you said roughly the same words to me...great minds, i suppose.
    hey ian funny seeing you here....a//e fest is gonna be sick.
    i like this forum.
    Punk rock flea market is today, i better see you there!

    lancanster, chameleon club 12-5 its free to get in and look around at shit. I'll be there at noon-ish
    hey man im a new squatter to. I have only done it a few times, i got kicked out a few weeks ago and ive been just staying at this squat down the road from the library and i still go to school everyday even though i wont graduate...but its something to do, i squat with my buddy who got kicked out also. He's 18 and im 18 in 7 days. If your ever down we should meet up and go to a hardcore show or something, i live in Washington but fuck it im more then down to travel everywhere!
    yeah i ended up not going...im so fucking sick. Just all of the sudden too, fever, sore throat, and just feeling worn out in general. Its pretty lame.
    haha, no problem. I actually just got a bike yesterday...ill get a picture soon.

    oh hey are you going to the tight fits show tonight at 8? its in a basement on west king st. let me know if you are.
    damn i'd pick you up if it wasnt so far from here. i have a really shitty old car at the moment thats horrible on gas...If you have some extra money you could always take the amtrack straight to harrisburg though
    nice! thanks for typing it out for me. That first day sounds like it'll be the best. I suppose I'll see you there then...if i can find you? ha.
    oh shit, that picture you sent isnt loading =[ maybe try reposting it on my page. hopfully you ment you were right about ghostmice being under that bridge! haha
    man that is going to be great, hopefully there is a flyer with broken up dates and which are at which venue soon. As long as my girlfriend gets to see Imadethismistake and i get to see Ghostmice I'll be happy. haha

    thanks for finding/posting it, its appreciated.
    i fucking love ghost mice. Please let me know where this is on those dates...i'd really really like to see them, haha.
    Yeah i like folk punk. that would be pretty cool to go to...I didnt hear anything about that though. If you find out anymore details let me know, if you dont mind.
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