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  • riding horses on the beach, eating new fruits, skinny dippin under the full moon with volcanoes in the background, chicken busses n more
    Hey, im very interested in the trip vagabonding around Mexico and go even further, i saw you posted it about a month and a half ago but if you are still open to it, im so down, i am learning spanish at the moment and have been there 5 or 6 times in my life, Hit me up on facebook if you are still down as i dont check this much, facebook.com/everymanalion
    hmm for some reason i can't directly reply to your reply, so im posting here. only for four months because im planning on going to work for a national park in april. probably yellowstone :)
    Just want to say thanks for all the helpful info. If I see your friend out there I'll make sure to get those lyrics for you.....I want to eat that plant like a candy bar
    hey man, just wanted to say thank you so much for the donation! it's really helping us out here with StP. I see you're going to be in San Diego? Dude, you should come by the slabs, it's like 2 hours away and come hang out. ill be there for like the next four months...
    Ahh happy birthday amigo! I'm sure your out and about doing nefarious activities...if your interested in catching the "11 miles to paradise doc" shoot me a pm and ill send you my name/password to stream it . Have an awesome day.
    Your pics of the green stuff make me want to take up that activity again....beautiful!
    actually before the screen got all fucked up on it molina and i did a few recordings with it, they weren't the greatest but..

    mutant festival was intense! a tree fell a car... lots of trash was left behind too, which wasn't good. i tried picking up whatever i could find, but then went on a town run and got picked up on a warrant.

    so how's hawaii? i have had a lot of friends that have went, but i haven't had the change myself. i was thinking about going this winter but i had some family shit i needed to take care of. i hadn't seen any of my family in like 4 years and there was a reunion a few months back in montana.

    yeah, trapper creek should be hella fun!! there are a few kids i know that are going to be there other then blackbird raum. but thanks for thinking my music as inspiring. i myself was getting a bit sick of it. always getting compared to johnny hobo and the freight trains and what not.

    keep travelin', ramblin', and folkin' shit up!
    hey. how's life? i wanted to thank you for the mp3 player again. i still have it to this day. one of the only pieces of gear i have left since then. a lot of it was stolen or i was so drunk i lost it. cops in nola left my banjo and pack on the street when i went to opp for anyone who wanted it to pick it up. which was hella lame. i thought i might of seen you at mutant festival, but guess not.

    so you heading to alaska? i was going to try and make it to juneau for the folk festival but i don't think i can afford it. it's like in two weeks and i have only 20 dollars to my name... but oh well. i am going to for surely go to the trapper creek art and music festival in august and see blackbird raum after that i think i am heading to denver to live at this collective house and try and start a band or something. i really miss playing music. i haven't really wrote anything since moving here, a lack of inspiration here in wrangell

    but i hope all is well, and travel on

    matty mischief
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