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    hey you were talking to my daughter areanna she is young and she ran away from hm i was just wondering if thee is ne chance of u maybe contacting her and being nice to her for a minute to find out where she is she is a lost little girl and i want my baby back hm plz help thanks and plz dont mention i contacted you she is threatning suicide and i am scred pls help
    i'm in austin right now. santa fe next, then i guess san diego.
    I dunno. I left that day after I saw you. havent seen em since. if you make it back up to the northern part of colorado you should hit me up.
    right on. it took me a minute to remember where I met you. but it all worked out. are you gonna go to apocalyptic crust fest in chi-town? me and revo are gonna try and meet nails out there I think. maybe. if all works to plan
    haha. its doing just fine. just got back to CO from pdx. you guys ever make it up there?
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