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  • not really sure at the moment...i think we might head north or something
    hahaha well hell yea...let me know where your headed or when youll be this got my number so FUCKIN CALL ME!!!!!!
    hagagah i will soon and thenb we should kik headed to austin with a kid named pippin(eric)
    he says whts up....hahaha hell ya...i love brian and tell tree whats up for me!
    dude you gotta find this kid named brian with an X on his forehead and a dog named kyser
    hes gettin there tonight
    hes a friend of mine and hes hella cool

    im doin good
    im in texas still
    i miss the shit outta you dude!
    i still sing that song you wrote
    the rusty trombone

    my digits are 6613317488
    dude!! how have you been?
    i miss the hell outta you! my number is still the same! hit me up
    and let me know how your doin!
    Ey I read one of your comments in the train forum and wondered what the "ice train" is. Never heard of it before. cheers and beers
    yo!! Im in CO still but Im meeting vile in cheyenne hopefully tomorrow and we're heading east. she was only like 4 hours out so pretty much a sure thing. Ill message you my number
    what up man. Im in long beach in a sketchy ass house. dude was trying to buy me. fucking sick but I got my blade and a dog now. Im headed that way. gotta stop in az and swoop nym up. hit me up or her phone
    nice im in philly now. spent time in jacksonville got a train to waycross then hitched to savannah then hitched all the way to rockymount north carolina and took scamtrack to philly . i think ed and i are going up north at the end of the month
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