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  • Got a tour comin up, lads. Come hang out if we end up in your town <3

    Rotten Reputation California Bound and Gagged Tour Spring 2019
    June 16th - Denver, CO @ 7th Circle Music Collective
    June 17th - Laramie, WY @ The Cowboy Saloon
    June 18th - SLC, UT @ The Underground
    June 20th - Reno, NV @ Shea's Tavern
    June 21st - Berkley, CA @ 924 Gilman St
    June 23rd - Long Beach, CA @ Toxic Toast Theatre
    June 24th - Las Vegas, NV @ Naked City
    June 25ht - Moab, UT @ TBA
    OMG I used to live in Naked City Las Vegas no joke!!!!!!! Near the arts district, they called it Naked City because the strippers used to live and sunbathe there!
    Saving money for tour means it’s back to the Kitchen Bitch lifestyle for the next month. Glad at least to be back in an actual kitchen!
    Deleted member 21367
    I never made it to Denver after all. Hit me up if you want to chill when you get to Chicago!
    Honey Crust
    Honey Crust
    Will do! Hope Chicago’s been treating you well!
    “Hey thanks for letting me make out with your breakfast date!”
    “I mean he already fucked my girlfriend tonight so hey, no worries!”
    - An exchange I had last night while leaving a play party. I fucking love my life ~
    I need to be at a play party...the relationship I just left was an emotional desert in a sexual tundra

    Heeeelp!! 😥
    Two more work shifts, five days of recording, three days of bouncing around Ft Collins and Laramie, and then it’s off to Lincoln for a week! Thought I’d never make it through the past three weeks in Denver holy heck
    See you later, San Diego. It’s back to the Rockies with me.
    If anyone happens to be out that way over the next three weeks, hit me up! I’ll be milling around, playing shows, and getting into trouble <3
    Crazy Hobo Johnny
    Crazy Hobo Johnny
    Heading back to Denver? I'll be in Colorado Springs this summer sometime
    Honey Crust
    Honey Crust
    Got a little tour. Playing Denver -> Ft. Collins -> Laramie, WY -> Cheyenne, WY -> Denver, and then I'm gonna be spending a few days in Laramie!
    Crazy Hobo Johnny
    Got all my ducks in a line and I’m out of this bullshit city by early March! Hope to see y’all out on the road!!
    Deleted member 21429
    Mother Nature laughs at those who make plans. lol jk ~ peace and best of luck
    I can’t stay in Denver any more. I can’t I can’t I can’t.
    This place is going to kill me. I need out.
    Deleted member 24029
    Time to "abandon city"!
    Out of the attic and into the study. It’s weird sleeping next to drywall again. At least I’ve got this kitty to cuddle <3
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