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    what are you striving for?

    My goal, if any, would find ways to inspire other people to pursue who they really strive to become. I know its vague but I mean it's taken me years to struggle with who I am and what my goals are because it always seems it's me against the world and always going against the grain. It's one of...
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    Safe squatting in former Yugoslavia?

    I really wouldn't risk it, especially in Bosnia. The landmine situation is very real there, with around a quarter of a million still around. Most abandoned buildings there are abandoned for that exact reason. But if you're still looking for legit squats in the Balkans I recomend ROG, it's an old...
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    The weapon that makes you feel safe?

    When I would hitchhike in shady areas I would just put a few rocks in a sock and tie it, and when I get to town I take out the rocks and it's a sock again, pretty easy to get away with and not get caught with a "weapon". Luckily i've never had to use it, but ive seen the damage it can do.
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    Intro from CA

    Nice! Good luck to you. I'll be heading out in a couple weeks, greyhounding it from Oakland to Tijuana
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    Journals, who has the habit?

    Who here keeps a journal and tries to write regularly in it? If so, how many do you have and how long are they? Also, do you think they are better off destroyed in the end or would you want others to read them someday? I've had a few that I lost, one that I burned, and my current one which I...
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    Intro from CA

    Hey everyone i'm Scott from California. I'm originally from the central valley and from 2011- 2015 i've been working a lot of dead end warehouse jobs and really just got tired of a repeatative paycheck to paycheck lifestyle where I always felt trapped and anchored in, it was depressing and it...

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