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    Alternatives to AA/ how to make AA work for you

    My recovery exists under any & all conditions. I got sober on the road. I was sober before going to AA. That being said I knew that AA probably would work if I let it since it worked for my grandparents, parents & sister. One could assume that the psychological & or formative emotional...
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    Cheap/free source of foam bedding? I have seen guys on boats go in together to buy queen size memory mattresses then rip them length wise to make two individual bunk mattresses on fishing boats. You are right about them costing hundreds of dollars. Then some fisherman...
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    the nomads are settling down

    the nomads are settling down
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    New Member Introduction

    Welcome to STP. I trust you will find some hope here. Hope is always available all though we can forget to seek it once its lost. While we do not know your situation; trust that we have all been in similar shoes. Knowing if & when to leave is a great skill to acquire over time. Preparedness &...
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    Resolved I need your input on restructuring the website! Vote now!

    Did the Black Market section get nuked? I was thinking it could be in a subforum but can't seem to find it?
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    Trump using Iran war, textbook "Shock Doctrine" & "Manufacturing Consent" in action.

    Yeah not hopeful days @feralautistic . Its easy to be cynical & apathetic, nihilist even; especially here on STP. Historically, humanity feels that genocide is usually acceptable. We kill each other over resources, religion & even more trivial differences. We are facing omnicide in our future...
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    Trump using Iran war, textbook "Shock Doctrine" & "Manufacturing Consent" in action.

    The timing always seem so perfect. Just as the President is going through an impeachment while also in an election, now Iran? Our unjust endless wars are nothing more than war profiteering. It is convenient that the straight of Hormuz happens to be the worlds oil checkpoint. These conflicts have...
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    Day late and a dollar short, but whatever!

    Welcome out into the light past that veil of obscurity. You could be considered a celebrity by many in & around traveling, trains & or photography. Im glad to have you aboard. We need more adulting creative types who have grown up on the road, experimented with being a working class hero and yet...
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    Kat, Looking to travel from MA ==> VA

    Sorry @KitterKat if this thread spiraled into what it did. Do know that even though none of us know you. We have all been you, once upon a time. The emotions could have got out of control but do recognize the severity around such an undertaking, the subsequent timing & or season of such a...
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    Kat, Looking to travel from MA ==> VA

    Not to mention as we all hash out routes to NJ. The OP is trying to get to Virginia and has never rode trains. Again its fucking Winter! Even if there was a more direct train to Virginia from Woo, it is doubtful that any greenhorn could differentiate it, catch out & or survive such a trip...
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    Kat, Looking to travel from MA ==> VA

    Train travel is always a crap shoot. I have started out near Boston, got out to Worcester then gone west out of Worcester into Selkirk, then hopped east/southeast into NYC/NJ. Several trains, directions & hop outs. Alternatively I have also taken the chinatown bus many times to achieve the same...
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