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  • I threw myself off a pretty fast train from Chicago in Rochester, NY today because I needed coffee :)
    In Buffalo with free tix to Riotfest this weekend in Chicago so I guess Im heading back to the middle of the country.
    Just visited the Golden Spike tower in Hell on Wheels Nebraska aka North Platte in UPs Bailey yard.
    AHOI, Back in Boston after 5k miles of intermodal traveling. St Paddys weeks starts tonight. Lets Go Murphys! Recently Sober & it aint 2 bAD
    That bivy I bought from you is the shit! I missed my bus that night and the bus station was closed, next bus wasn't coming
    for hours, so I found some cardboard in an ally, dragged it to a steam vent on Race Street, crawled into the bivy and passed
    out in Chinatown. I gave the last of the beers to the homebum sleeping on the other side of the heat vent. That bivy works
    damn good!
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