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    Has anyone been to Georgia (not the one in the US)?

    If your from the EU by the way its visa free to go to Georgia or at least it was when we drove in, and we had a Brazilian hitchhiker in the car who they didn't care about and when we were hitchhiking out, the border police never asked us anything about the fact we didn't have a car this time...
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    Has anyone been to Georgia (not the one in the US)?

    Yeah drove a car across Europe and Turkey and then it broke down in a flood in Batumi Georgia. Water in the engine, I sold the banger to a Russian guy called Dimitri then kicked about Batumi for a couple days before hitchhiking back to Europe. Georgians were cool folk, they like Wine and Rugby...
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    RIP Patrick Falterman aka Sucuri on STP

    A true legend in the hitchhiking world. His writings inspired me to hitchhike South America. His stories of canoeing the Amazon River left me in awe. RIP brother.
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    Hopping the border into the US

    At the moment in argentina. Im gonna go with the fake ticket approach then probably just overstay the visa if i get in ok
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    Hopping the border into the US

    Good idea but wouldnt work, I need to show proof of leaving North America not just the US for US customs
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    Hopping the border into the US

    I see, bad idea so
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    Hopping the border into the US

    Irish passport, will be the second time in the US and theres no reason i should be refuse except for not paying a fine i got for riding the NY subway without a ticket
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    Hopping the border into the US

    Fair enough if i come in legally i have to provide proof of a flight ticket home which is another 200 dollara i dont have and i get a visa for just 3 months which il probably stay longer than and become illegal anyway
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    Hopping the border into the US

    might add that I would have a mexico tourist visa so I dont need to worry about checkpoints on the mexico side
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    Hopping the border into the US

    Can anyone tell me how easy it is to sneak into the US from Mexico preferrably on foot then hitch to New Orleans. Im white and blonde so can easily blend in as an American but il have a backpack. Will be looking into doing this next month. Need to get back and work because im broke as shit
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    Dirty kidding in europe

    lived in Budapest 6 months in Hungary and the gypsys are out picking through the bins everynight, definetly not an enforced law
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    Bulgaria, help! Sofia and around

    Hows you like Ireland? Ive kicked around Bulgaria twice mostly in the countryside though and Veliko Tarnovo. I dont think there is a punk subculture there or any subcultures to be honest, just Gypsys and Bulgarians. Most of the ex soviet countries dont have so called squats or that many people...
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    Definetly no train tracks or roads even for that matter, you will need to take boats. From Iquitos in Peru to Manaus im guessing the boat would be around 30 dollars take about 5 days include food and you sleepin your own hammock (my guess). Them boats have been hitched but you would need...
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    Difference between hitchhiking USA and Europe

    Trucks too of course, I mostly use truckers in Europe and sometimes sleep in the trucks. Got none in the US because of Insurance stuff they said. The constant changing of languages in Europe too is a major difference and how police don't care. The amount of Jesus people picking you up too, you...
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    Terrorist Tourism

    Cartagena's too hot man, I'm kicking it down in Ipiales beside Ecuador