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    How do you afford gas when living in a van?

    Oral fixation. As ppl said, Craigslist for oddjobs can be good. Depends on how long you're staying in town or if you have storage. You might be able to grab a few free nice things from a nicer area and sell them elsewhere. I swear to God people give away free working washing machines and shit...
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    fk off spook

    fk off spook
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    Video Leaving Slab City - packing up my bus and saying goodbyes

    You were in that Vice doc or w/e weren't ya? Cool to see you're moving to new grounds. Stay warm up there. Safe travels.
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    fuck me

    fuck me
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    Shrine to the Rail Gods

    that's just amazing.
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    oh my god that was hilarious

    oh my god that was hilarious
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    hella anxiety meds

    you have a good point but there's also a flipside to that. for some reason shrooms give me the worst anxiety i've ever experienced. (just unlucky genetics i guess. funny thing is i can enjoy them fully as long as im really stoned the whole time/especially during the come-up.) although...
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    The drug song

    that's fucked up but not surprising. good song though mate welcome to STP
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    words/names that inexplicable disgust or delight u.

    jowels, pussy, my bitch, police officer,
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    hella anxiety meds

    this thread has been interesting and i think important for a lot of people, including me. unfortunately, no magical cure seems to be lying about, so we'll just carry on eh. i have bad anxiety often. lately it comes on at night almost as if on a schedule. like a lot of yall ive just been trying...
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    question for the opposing class

    you're retarded.
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    keep seeing 111 everywhere

    i get it too. also this. a lot of people say it's guardian angels or some shit but sounds like wishful thinking. an occult group i run with thinks the numbers are related to some organization of interdimensional beings which work for their own odd goals in the world and run around opening...
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    From a void beyond the stars Through gateways left unguarded Now somewhat strange folk arriveth

    From a void beyond the stars Through gateways left unguarded Now somewhat strange folk arriveth