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  • I moved up to tallahasse, and I'm working on getting a job. hopefully I'll find something soon.

    studying permaculture, eh? sounds awesome...
    yeah prolly... im up in md right now ... had to go to court ... i'll be on a greyhound back that way inna couple days...if you see a girl with dreads named ursula and a dog named penelopee...thats my girlfreind..tell her i said hi
    yo whats up, yeah i sure remember u how u been sustainable agriculture sounds badass i really wanna get more into that also cookin tenats rights music oh man life its so full of opportunities

    im back in nyc, but im goin to detroit, chicago, nola then back here

    when r u comin back this way
    oh weird cool. I'm doing okay. I have an internship at the herb pharm in the fall! hell yeah ag internships. you should stop by SLC on your way out to cali. i live in the info shop and its really nice there!
    hey andy! thanx for your reply, sorry i hadn't got any internet so far. i'm in new orleans right now, what random that you're heading the same way! are you already here? are you going to stay here? what are you doing? :D
    i met two hitchhikers down here and we're probably leaving together tomorrow. our destination is austin, texas and we really would like to trainhop, but don't know if we'll be successful. whatever, my friend ben got a mobile phone. if you're still around and wanna meet up or you're randomly heading to austin as well, feel free to call: 860-303-4982.

    maybe until later ;)
    aw. i wont be arrivin in FL til the first week of february. I'll be cruisin in either on a boat if i can find a gig or i might have to fuckin fly in from the caribbean. im hopin to make it for the gathering on the 8th in nola, but i might get there sometime during the week after that.
    Fuck yeah! NY reprezent, haha!
    I gotta get outta here though. Me and NY have an up-and-down relationship; I miss her on the road but I can't wait to get away from her once I'm in her, haha.
    Skelly and I should be there around then. A bunch of other StP kids are heading there for Mardi Gras too. Mini gathering! You got my number, I think. So hit me up.
    hey buddy, i just read anywhere you're going to florida this winter? when you gonna be where? i'm down in FL around new years eve, would be nice to meet someone from this community ;)
    hell yea thats awesome! where in nor cal are ya gonna be? im in southern oregon(roseburg,an hour south of eugene) here with a few other folks savin up to get a peice of land hopefully by springtime, exciting:D
    hey so you picked up a lift with a trucker outta portland? ask at a truck stop or what? i've actually never picked up a lift with a truck driver in the us...
    i might be it all depends really on what my friends want to do but i might be!
    umm i think it is kind of near there i think its only a few hours or so. and i'm going to start heading south really soon to go to the fest which is during halloween! you should be down there for that!
    oh i'm in afton near binghamton near syracuse! haha. i might be going to the midwest next week by bus but i dont know yet cause my mom doesn't want me to come home if i won't give up my rat blah blah blah segkb0!! anyways! when do you plan on heading south? i'm kind of traveling kind of not with my girl pocket and we want to go to the fest real bad ha.
    and i'm twitchy! nice to kind of meet you!
    Oh, I'm not too bad. How are you?
    I'm settled down in Columbus, IN for the moment, but I've been literally anxious to get back to travelling lately, so I'm hoping I'll get the chance to soon, but that all depends on transportation and work schedules unfortunately. Ha ha.
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