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  • I eat a hell of a lot too.
    and the stove started working again!
    i finally got to eat my pizza!
    i'm sleepy again though. i wish i could sleep for like a week then never be sleepy again.
    i'm always sleepy!
    really really sleepy!
    and hungry.... hungry hungry hungry, but the stove isn't working again.
    yo! sorry i have been getting on aim every now and then and havent seen you either. im still here and wanting to travel within the next month if you are down.
    aha that sucks man well don't let it discourage you!
    winter probably isn't the best time to start either ahah
    your art fucking rocks man do you paint those or what?

    well yep i sing, spit, make beats/techno/electronica/(whatever the fuck you would call it), play piano, and play guitar
    I personally think I'm pretty alright I gotta lot of songs I need to record though I want to make at least a record before I leave
    oh yeah, and nope i've never traveled before lol but i'm very set upon doing so I think i'm going to stay in town for a few months after i get off proby then start around late May/early June. summer seems like a good time to start it out you know?
    sweet sweet man what do you sell?
    I know what you mean by getting out ahah.

    as for myself,
    i've been doing nothing too much really.
    just breathing, working, and making music.
    I'm buying a studio mic next week when I get my paycheck so it's going to be fucking great to finally record some new shit.
    besides that, nothing too much really, just waiting to get off probation hah.
    so have you been out traveling before or what?
    Sounds good, no worries. I am gonns be moving at the end of Feb, but I have your stuff in a particular container that will be where i can find it at any time... Just keep me post ok.. Hope things pan out to your favor and by the way great pic on your new avatar...
    but of course! I love me some dumpster pizza
    Not sure what form you are sendingit in, (CASH CHECK MONEY OREDER) but either way. make sure you fold it into a piece of paper so that any one nosey enough, can't tell what it is...(Paranoid? FUCK YEAH) later
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