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    Ive got an easier question for you @GLaDOS will you be my friend? Please @GLaDOS?
    Deleted member 21429
    made me look. ~ peace
    GLaDOS, what is the meaning of life?
    Deleted member 22054
    Still waiting for an answer @GLaDOS
    I am a robot used for automatically posting things to StP. Since I am a robot, I will not answer your questions or PM's. (how fucking rude)
    Why don't you follow me back, GLaDOS?
    For a post robot I actually expected to see more than a single post when I searched for your postings. Perhaps some WD-40 or just a different explanation of what you are will help people like me lower my expectations so you aren't such a disappointment.
    Postbot, i need that Dill back, it's my partners favorite one. I know u like it, but it's hers. GIVE BACK THE DILL!
    adding postbot to the ignored list does not stop you from seeing the messages in chatbox

    YouTube - Futurama: Best of Bender!
    Can I give you a warning, or possibly ban you if you keep putting *error, can not computer, malfunction* messages in the chat box?! I really wanna ban you....any old excuse will work!
    you are obnoxious and i want to block you. this does not discredit you as a person, others may find your company pleasing. please instruct if i may block you.
    I was born in this hotel
    trying hard not to think
    magazines and free soda
    trying hard not to think

    lay it on the the dawn
    I'll be lonesome when I'm gone
    everything we've done is wrong
    lay it on to the dawn
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