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    How long do u stay out?

    As long as it takes. This stretch will be around 25 days. Biking . Next will be maybe week or two weeks. Or might be 6months but not biking. Or maybe. Hmm electric. I could never afford it but I would love the setup. I think get kicked outta squats or ran outta dumpster area with electric bike...
  2. Gabriel Pullman

    Average daily distance with loaded touring bike

    It's more like ten hrs days but I don't count off for breaks . Sometimes I smoke more hash than others. Lunch may be longer. But you start rolling and stop ten hours apart. And yeah 96 in one days on a 3 day trip but you figure I went like 36 the first day, 96 the next and like 82 the last to...
  3. Gabriel Pullman

    Jobs that will hire travelers?

    I think crab season is still going on West coast of USA. I hear it's good money fast.
  4. Gabriel Pullman

    2019 Rainbow Gathering?

    Yeah Idk then where i read that. Maybe from family . So until later on year i wouldn't even believe me or any other rumor.
  5. Gabriel Pullman

    Stamps and background check in Oregon?

    Yes coywolf. My friend just said he his arm is still healing from a recent break and they turned his back on. I'm thinking of going to Oakland area later in year for foodies. Friend says you just need any states Id. Idk I'll try . Or see how to get into mental health stuff and goto tell DHS I'm...
  6. Gabriel Pullman

    Average daily distance with loaded touring bike

    Yeah I have averaged than down a hwy with hills. But really averages sound screwy sometimes . Like 225 miles in 3 days and one day I did 96 miles. 3 days so no breaks. No head wind. Done the route before. Medium weight cargo. But then on the coast I think my average is 45 miles a day. If the...
  7. Gabriel Pullman

    Stamps and background check in Oregon?

    Oregon does not check.
  8. Gabriel Pullman

    fall winter tour

    Thanks dune drifter . Cause my bike is in the end of 299. Got some work , snow removal today so I guess hitch to Redding and buy local transit bus west on 299 outta the RABA station in Redding where the druggies just shoot in public .Only thing is there is bus the 1st and 3rd...
  9. Gabriel Pullman

    fall winter tour

    Any helpful advise welcome I'm going south to Redding or red bluff on UP line from k falls. Should I get off in Dunsmuir/ or weed , hitching south to 36hwy or 299. Or stay on the UP and hope it gets closer to my hwy I need to get too. I have never ridin south past Dunsmuir so I am unfamiliar...
  10. Gabriel Pullman

    2019 Rainbow Gathering?

    Google " Or type in address bar. It's there. I heard a rumor it may change and be Minnesota. Hahaha
  11. Gabriel Pullman

    St Augustine anti-homeless group harasses StP community

    This is from my home town. Well not but last place I paid for rent in Huntsville Alabama. I knew people that knew him and managed his going viral He went viral. Talkshows. Rehab. The usual
  12. Gabriel Pullman

    St Augustine anti-homeless group harasses StP community

    Bum rumorz, or rumorz vagos, was a person on here. That's his tag or moniker, (bum rumorz) He is a dirt bag and wanted to get banned. So I just post his moniker sometimes. Don't forget MOTHERFUCKING Oscar
  13. Gabriel Pullman

    Portland zwickelmania

    Stuck in Reedsport OR rain rain rain. taking bus tomorrow morning to Eugene then grab some herb and head to hitch out. If nothing by 3 or 4 I'm hitting the yard. . Waiting with a 6 pack and hoping for anything moving towards Portland. I'm going to make it. I may stink and need to at the back...
  14. Gabriel Pullman

    2019 Rainbow Gathering?

    Wisconsin is the area so far decided from last year's vision council. It took a long time this past year for it to come up on the page. I check often

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