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  • holy dicks, no way this is lunchbox. you ever make it out to rainbow? hit me back when ya can cause i miss your goofy ass!
    word. I enjoyed the town, but the people suck. last night someone jacked my guitar and the homebums there are pretty wack.Gonna shank em next time im in town. Met one cool kid though.
    Last I saw her was in Chicago a couple weeks ago with Josh from Goat Camp. Hahah.
    Hahah. What's good, man? I thought you were going to Hawaii with Crosswordpuzzle or whatever the fuck her name was.

    haha sorry but you look/read off like the kind of person that would be fun to piss off and get into an argument about pathetic fucking civilization. also. I make pizza for money. which i think is funny. Come get some pizza from me sometime haha
    well, we had been talking about breaking up for awhile, and he decided to stay at the slabs... so it really sounds a lot worse than it was. We are still friends though.

    besides, he got really close to hitting me, and I dont deal with that.
    it was a lot of fun.. except for a few minor things... I ended up dumping my BF and leaving him out in the desert, heh heh heh...
    Getting drunk and running to the hotsprings naked was by far the best part though. I wish I had pictures of that, but I had no pockets to carry the camera (plus I fell down so much I probably would have smashed the poor thing to bits.)
    I didnt know about the musical Dudefest... but I wasnt really the one to re-name this STP fest... it just kind of evolved into cock fest/dude fest '09 after we started realizing I was the only girl out of about 25+ guys showing up!... plus the cock ring, the alarm cock, and the abundance of cock sauce....
    noone knows but im AM gonna hitch out. noone cares to believe meh.
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