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  • Out of hibernation. Back outside after four months of scrap funded apartment living. Pittsburgh in a few weeks.
    where abouts in the H.Valley...I'm from Troy-Albany area. Currently in Hawaii....anyways, just wanna say whats up.
    Yeah, I cant remember any of your names but I remember kicking it and sharing a sidewalk slam in tomkins and yall being really nice.... If u wanna kick it and have some extra time while ur down here in s.j lemme know! You can come drink some beers and play some dominos with us in the trailerpark haha... Theres a few cool kids here, including RISE 609 from this site..he's a fellow traveller and trainrider and is pretty rad...about 4 or 5 of us are hopping down to richmond for kollapse fest in about a week. Quite a few good bands are playing so it should be pretty cool.
    oh yeah...u were with another guy and a girl right? I'm in south jersey right now. Egg harbor township actually. how are you?
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