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  • hey did I just run into you in Oakland?
    Defiance, Ohio and Kimya Dawson are playing Monday
    Sugar Mountain 2515 San Pablo Ave. Oakland
    8 ish?
    hey whats up!! Im in national shitty but i can go wherever especially if it means getting fucked up. Lemme know when yer close ill give you my friends number so we can meet up. Theres this awesome smooth cheap as fuck vodka at trader joes. quadruple filtered motherfucker!!!
    Gah, my bad. It was last night. But this new warehouse is going to have a lot of other good shows. It's a huge space.
    I think they have a listing of all their upcoming events here:
    Project Infest on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
    Oh shit, you are located in Hollywood? You going to that show in downtown this weekend? Christ on Parade and some others...
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