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    Alternatives to AA/ how to make AA work for you

    SMART recovery worked for me too. I couldn't do AA because of the jesus bullshit, so I left - fuck religion and anyone that belives in that sky fairy bullshit. Also, smart recovery was in the same building as mental health services and really helped me with previous trauma and assault in my...
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    Midwest ghost towns

    Amen. If you have a problem and call the cops, now you have two problems.
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    "Square" and other mobile currency exchange.

    As others have said, it's not feasible to get one piece of hardware that will work on a competitors phone. Trade that Apple giftcard for an amazon card; you can use it for a paypal reader. Paypal reader. The regular PayPal Here...
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    Las Vegas Bans Sleeping/Camping on sidewalks

    The trick is to get you into jail. Cop gives you a ridiculous fine, then the next time you interact with an officer they throw you in jail for failing to pay the fine. One of the most chilling reasons for being sent back to prison is failure to pay a fine! The United States has the...
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    key West live aboards harrassed even shot by FWC dispite ove deralict vessels

    The word is chameleon - like an invisible homeless person. It's how I live. I have been down once to Key West, but it was 15 years ago. Has it really changed that much??
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    My propensity for impulse

    Bruh just do it. I'm 41, in the same boat, play well enough to busk but I'm no John Mayer. I just go. You're tougher than you think my brother. Set out for the road and good things will happen. Of course, being prepared is essential..
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    Featured Spent the past week sailing around the San Juan Islands...

    great post bro. I'm from Victoria BC and would love to sail around Puget Sound!
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    Help please! First time hitchhiking. From Toronto to Mexico City

    Stay clean shaven. Americans love it if you don't look like a dirty fuckin' hippie
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    Easy hop turns humiliating

    That is absolutely horrific behavior from the cop but unfortunately seems more common these days.
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    The downside of being a homesteader.

    great read, thanks for sharing
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    My very first catch out across British Columbia

    Hey all, I just wanted to share my story of my very first catch out, from Field B.C. to Surrey B.C. Long time lurker here, occasionally lurk around as well. I have always been fascinated with train riding ever since meeting a kid on the streets of Calgary in like, 2014 I...
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    Canadian traveler connections?

    Cowtown going west. Hitting the rails this Wednesday