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    Vanlife to rock bottom

    Have you tried to get someone to jump your vans battery?
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    checkd out a fundraiser to keep a detention center from being built n pacoima last night. shit...

    checkd out a fundraiser to keep a detention center from being built n pacoima last night. shit was epic! punk show, tacos, fights, graffitti, n skateboarding. life rules sometimes.
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    yup thats downtown flag in the winter. i hope the homies on the streets are alright!
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    Fuck man, I heard! Winters in flag suck. There is a no thanks no giving thing they're having at the infoshop n flag tomorrow, if you run into anyone hungry send them that way. Grab yourself some food too 😉 the library they got there is pretty fun to look through.
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    hell yeah, do what you can in the mean time. i would love to have the resources to help out on my reservation, but i dont so i do what i can. hope you get to confront your goals n dreams. water cheers!
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    ya ah teeh! hope yall are doing well! winter is here on our reservation, its getting colder everyday and as much as i want to complain about winter chores there are always people i run into who would be happy to build fires, chop/haul wood, clean up roads to make them driveable. that being said...
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    az to bay area

    hey all! so ive been going back n forth from az to oakland for a few years now and decided i like oakland. mostly for the shows and graffiti. i mostly been getting there hitch hiking but id like to get there a different way. if yall got any useful suggestions, especially first hand experiences...
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    Featured Photos Video ya boii Siids rides la Bestia -- {mexico}

    woah! epic reading material! so gnarly what folx down south are exposed to in order to grasp at the chance to live in less turmoil. much respect from dine' territories!
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    daily interactions

    nah ive never seen one of those, a homie was talking about that 2 weeks ago when we were in flag tho, sounds about w h i t e. seriously tho, its disheartening bordertown politics. i get it tho, folx gotta cope somehow n most people dont seem to think n some people dont think at all. thx for the...
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    daily interactions

    fo sho. they had been here before so they probably know what theyre up to. it isnt a personal thing as much as it is a business as usual type of thing, and panhandling is a business. i just had to share the story, shit gets a little too real sometimes.
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    daily interactions

    i feel like dignity is all my people on the streets have left for sure, the most simple n honest way to let someone in that state know you recognize their humanity is to say hey n start a little conversation. thx for the words, g.
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    daily interactions

    i had a really sobering interaction the other day that i cant stop thinking about. i was killing time in a border town in NM (if ya dont know, border towns are spots just on another side of a Native indian reservation) while two of my homies were getting traditional midwife trainings. theres a...
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    hell/mizmor tour

    Buried at sea is pretty cool, I really enjoy heavy n slow metal stuff. Hell are touring in sept so now is your chance to see them again, they are definitely way heavier live
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    hell/mizmor tour

    hey! are any of yall going to see hell n mizmor play in late sept? im asking specifically about their seattle, oakland, n la dates. im trying to go (the actual destination is up in the air atm) and am curious is all. thx!

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