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    Sometimes communication is impossible. Being gaslighted and abused isn't worth it, despite blood ties. It's a shotty deal but man... and I know I've had to do it, you just have to remove toxic folks from your life and go your own way. Being sad and angry is natural but it'll never help. The...
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    Squatting in Los Angeles

    Good info in this thread, more serious level taking ownership. I feel like an amateur now haha but I agree w not much squatting info comment. This thread delivers though, nice to learn.
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    three years late

    Nice dude You'll make it ,
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    Starting a job at the co-op!

    I got fired from the co op. Their draconic 1 minute late attendance policy is bullshit. Nice job while it lasted though.
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    Mn Mateo

    I have been reading all the forums, trying to figure out what to do. Squatted a few times in construction shit but it was touchy. I don't have a car at all j skate everywhere and work like 50 hrs a week which is getting a little fucked w no place to rest my head
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    Mn Mateo

    Hey been looking around on here trying to figure out squatting tips, figured I'd sign up. I really like all the travel stories.. reminds me of my dad hauling us all around back in the day. Recently homeless and couchsurfing.. working a shit ton though. Dunno.. half tempted to just get the fuck...