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    Random F-ing luck...I am now in Moab, UT

    Moab is cool.
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    seeing eye dog

    been doing it for years the best part is explaining this to my hippy friend who had her dog tied to this long ass piece of braided hemp rope.. We are both dirty as hell, walking around this nice ass hotel that was having a banquet, trying to find the bathroom. We instantly got rushed by...
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    During the 2006 heat wave, I ran out of water somewhere in TN. It was HOT! Better believe I was naked, cock flappin in the wind and all, in that boxcar door. Next stop I made the long trek to the units and carried as much ice water as I could back to the units.
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    You Terrify Me Machine

    I've ridden the CS out of Chattanooga many many times on the way to my home in Kentucky. It stands for Cincinnati Southern. It was/is the only major railroad funded and built by a city (Cincinnati) to connect it with Chattanooga via Danville. It became Cincinnati New Orleans and Texas...
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    experience in new zealand?

    Hell yea! the Otira Viaduct on the Midland Line
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    experience in new zealand?

    I don't understand why everyone is sitting here arguing whether or not they have freight service.. your on the internet! a quick google search found a wealth of information. Tranz Rail was bought out by Toll NZ in 2003.. "Toll transports large amounts of West Coast coal on the spectacular...
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    pretty sweet way to travel- paid to drive and bike for free

    Re:pretty sweet way to travel- paid to drive and bike for fr maybe you shouldn't FUCKING DRINK AND DRIVE fucking idiot. kill yourself by yourself
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    Ghost Truckers and Life Savers Series

    This time last year we got chased by rain all the way from NC through erwin to russell.. It fucking poured when we got to russell, and the forecast called for days of rain.. Ended up chillin under a waffle house awning. A trucker offered us a ride to where we were going, he just had to go to WV...
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    finding dead bodies

    we had a dead body rotting for four months in an abandon shed beside our back yard. Some guy with a hooker found it when he tried to take her into the shed, then for his speedy getaway drove his van off a fucking wall and got stuck. They put tarps up on the 3 sides of the shed you could see from...
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    We hung out with them in lexington the whole day before they died. RIP ben joey and cayce Just goes to show how quick shit can happen, live every moment like it might be your last.. no fucking regrets
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    a verrrrrry attractive dominican girl bought me general tsos tofu in fayetteville
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    my moms kicking me out, what should i do?

    public education = the government getting you ready to take orders IE slave labor IE the draft the army the navy the prison system and what have you.. thats why they started public education, to get kids used to discipline.. and lincoln didn't give two fucks about slavery
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    gear for hopping

    best advice all week. thanks
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    gear for hopping

    where'd ya find a spigot key? i've never seen one
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    sore throat / cold remedies ?

    try the 'throat coat' tea .. taste good too