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    Attic remodel on the cheap

    Thanks so much for all the tips. There is no insulation in there at all and I expected it to be really cold but it' actually been quite warm in there when I have been in there (this is in Minnesota) I would like something up over the Tyvek, to make it more like an actual room. I like the...
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    Attic remodel on the cheap

    There is an attic I have been offered as a room but don’t want to be breathing dust and insulation. Any tips on making it livable on the cheap using dumpstered/inexpensive materials?
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    Ride Offered Minneapolis to Lafayette Louisiana

    I am leaving on the 6th or 7th so pretty soon, one seat in an s-10.
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    Traveling with a fiddle? How to pack it...

    but what size and how to attach it to my existing pack sire?
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    Traveling with a fiddle? How to pack it...

    I would like suggestions on packing a fiddle. I have a medium Alice pack with a frame although I generally don't use the frame...
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    Early packing phase list - What to add, what to take away?

    Probably so, but it's still relevant information for others like myself
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    Old Knowledge and Skills Archive

    I had heard on the end of a Podcast I was listening to about a site that is a compendium of compiled information on all sorts of different archaic skills. Everything was taken from writings that were from I wanna say pre 1933. (not totally sure on the year) I looked at the site a few times...
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    Hey guys I am new here and looking to learn more about trainhopping and DIY houseboat building. I live in Minneapolis. I also want to learn how to write a proper introduction, as I am already at a loss of what more to say after the first sentence... Elvis