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  • hey where you at these days I bumped into ananda on the drive a couple weeks ago. getting fat on squirrel and pigeon yet?? dude!! my new fave is cat stew...just kidding but hey if it's already dead on the road why waste it?
    Hey! just wondering how things are on the lower coast, i should try and make my way down there, and bring some beer with me.
    well, i insured a car, for the first time in 10ish years, so i could always come down for a visit, or use a boat...who knows, keep working on that camp!
    It's funny that you made that comment about that picture...
    I did make a book out of it, for my 7 year old niece - she gave me this owl (Mr. Pretzel Stomach, as she called him - there's 7 others in his family) and I took him on my travels through Europe. Then I took all the photos and made a book/travelogue for her.
    It was hilarious sending her these photos of Mr. Pretzel Stomach hitching and hanging out with Bosnian truckers and chillin in a little crack of a graffiti wall in Edinburgh, Scotland...
    ha yea, forgot about that walk. planning on hitchhiking and train-hoping(hopefully mostly) around for a bit, do some wwoofing(farming) and stuff, see where i end up sort of thing. Ive got a farm that im gonna do some strawberry picking on in bc for a few weeks with some hippies. want to head up to alaska when its gets warm too. im just staying with my dad right now working and saving money and shit, gonna head out in may. you got any plans or anything in mind?
    hey man, i just had a random thought. thanks for getting me that bottle of water when i was pukin my guts out, damn french 10.1 percent beer. gotto keep in touch, maybe cross paths again.
    NO SHIT! Well, I live most of the time near Powell River, South of town. We should def get around to having a few drinks when you get out this way. Even hit the city, do some rides.
    hey man, its hayden here, we met up in montreal
    how are you man,

    i was looking through your pictures here, i have the exact same picture of that old church in bc beside the tracks, pretty amazing place, i ended up on a farm like 3 farms away from it.

    where are you nowadays???
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