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  • Yooo, I'm addicted to garlic, so I had to look at your profile. haha
    How goes it?
    Yo Allison this is Sean from Baltimore, you got a ride with me and matt up to Crimethinc last year. Just letting you know if you still need a ride from portland me I can give you one but it will be a little bit cramped. Hit me up!

    yeah i got your text, though its a bad way to get in touch with me, as theres little to no cell service here. instead, 415868 nine six seven three and ask for me. or get in touch with me via the net.
    awesome! can't wait! and i can 99% definitely put you + perhaps a few people up for a couple days here, and then theres the bay area just 2 hours south of here ($4 bus)
    yeah, offers good, but remmeber I got a kid that goes to school early and i am not working right now. Things may change, so keep me up to par as your arrival gets closer ok.. Lookin forward to meetin ya either way..
    Great, I will PM you my number if you have a means to call me up when you are close.
    I highly doubt you remember me, but I believe I met you in Richmond last year. I showed up at a little potluck with J.Ray and this kid Jake...
    awesome, you moving somehwere or traveling?
    Hey, trouble. Nah, I'm passing through RVA tomorrow, then straight to NOLA.
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