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    Where you at, lady? I miss you and I SHOULD'VE left Portland with you. Ahhh, I'm stupid. Hope you're back in NOLA. I'll be there eventually.
    we used to talk on here back in the day. I was deveranti then. but good luck with your travels. pretty sure Imma be heading to nola here soon aswell. perhaps paths will cross
    hey this is nick, we gave you and wyatt a ride to portland last week. i was just wondering how far you'd made? did you guys meet up with the rest of the petaluma kids?
    hah that's Jailbird Jay. You'd probably win because I don't think he'd ever hit a girl. Although...you probably have a lot more than just him to fight if that's your crusade...
    I'll be in Portland in a couple of weeks for a night or two and then again a week or so later for the same. Gimme a shout if ya gunna be about for a cheeky beer!
    hey, how are you?
    I'm at Old Station N.California, just passed the halfway point on the P.C.T.
    Where are you?
    nope. got stuck in NC. roaddawgs ditched me on the way to mobile (karma's a bitch, they got stranded and are still stuck), so im just gonna chill in NC for a couple months. i love it too much here. greenville, eh? sorry to hear that :p
    No creeps. I'm in NC for two weeks. Off to New Orleans/Mobile for a couple weeks, then off to Vegas. I'm stopping by Pensecola to visit some friends on the way. You?
    sounds rad! hopefully you can find a partner. I'm in new orleans for a bit, just working for now. I'll be here for a bit then heading to minne for a minute.... maybe somewhere else
    yes I remember, torrential showers, fizzing coals but we got there in the end. How are you and what are you building in your pics?
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