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  • yo meng, how ya been? you doing any travelling anytime soon? im hitting the road pretty soon i hope.
    And I don't remember if I've I asked multiple times but I'm sorry if i have. It gets annoying. We're just looking for more peeps to come with us.
    HEY! You still in New England area? You wanna go to FL with some Mass kids and my dog to Traveler's Paradise (Saint Augustine).
    hey dude whats good? stumbled on your page and you seemed like a cool person
    sup dude I ended up hopping a train and getting pulled off 30 miles out side of richmond. walked 10 miles to a truck stop got picked up by a van of hippies one being my friend from baltimore in the front seat. went to baltimore got my shit jumped back in the van now heading west. in alabama right now.
    Hey you should holler if you are comin through Richmond this summer, at least get some grub at food not bombs
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