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  • yes... I remember. I'm back in my home state of CT for the next month and then touring some festivals around new england till early june then headin cross country for rainbow nationals and then heading to burning man. after that I dunno. But overall im pretty good!!! how you?
    something similar. i'd really like to visit slab city, i've never been, maybe stay for a while. i wanna go to AZ and new mexico also. i wanna be in the south for the winter, and then go to portland for the holidays to see my friends, and then to the east coast, and back down. we should plan something!
    i've actually headed south already. in los angeles, trying to make it to either a) new orleans for halloween or b) san francisco, then austin, then new orleans in no specific time frame.
    thinking nola for the 31st might be pushing it right now since i don't see any sort of travel folk down here.
    you looking to travel at all this season?
    Up to San Fran, me and my roaddog are having a party thrown for us by a band. Then up to Arcata and then not to sure from there.
    Same here, getting my shit ready to head out again. Court was cancled for me so I can leave again!
    So I think it is like the 8th? today. Im free almost all week, just part time schooling here and their, which is not nearly as important as meeting a fellow explorer. Give me a shout when you get in BC, my cell phone number is 778-228-0969. If you need a shower, place to crash, some good food, or something to do with doing while in town, dont hesitate!
    Sick! Does this mean tha truck is up and running now? I will be in Van. for a year now. I live in Surrey, school starts on Sept. 6th in Burnaby for a year. Give me a shoput when the date is coming up, Ill definately be around and would love to meet up. Cheers, ADam.
    well if you get out there before I do which ya prolly will tell moth that the Land Commander says hi and hopes to see him soon.....
    I have been planning to head out there pretty soon. Was hoping to be out there around September ish prolly stay out there for the winter not to shure who knows.... Plans are kinda in the air......
    So hey there you heading out to the slabs this year what kinda plans ya got?? Im in MI right now thinking bout heading back out to SO-Cal shortly not really sure talked to Moth a couple of weeks ago.. Talking bout opening up the bottom tank here pretty soon...
    word. Ill be out and about here in a few days keep in touch. PM me a number if you have one. Ill shoot you mine as well
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