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    Mail bombs to Dems and Soros? The cheese has slid off the cracker of society

    Believe me, equality had nothing to do with the fact some psychopathic 50ish year old male sent notable Democratic party members a device that could have detonated. Regardless what patch of political grass you graze in, nobody deserves to die.
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    Mail bombs to Dems and Soros? The cheese has slid off the cracker of society

    Not sure if correct subforum. But what the fuck is people's problem? Mailing fucking bombs to prove a point? Look, I get today's political scene is a bit contentious. People are shitty about something, and probably with good cause. Seriously though. What level of "fucked up" must one amass...
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    My First Post: Howdy!

    Yea, I remember Digihitch. One of the founders passed away, and his wife didn't want to dick with the site. Then it got hacked by some bullshit hacking organization overseas, and everyone disbanded from there. I made a last-ditch effort to buy the domain, restore the old posts and keep the site...
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    Adjusting back to normal life

    It's a bitch decompressing after that long on the road. Hell, it was fucked up for me when I was beating the backroads in my 20s and would come off the road for a few months to gather some money. Keep your mind as occupied as possible. Even if you're doing menial shit like washing dishes...
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    Hurricane Recovery Jobs in Florida

    I got an email blast yesterday from some idiot claiming they had a list of smaller companies doing hurricane cleanup they'd sell me for $40. Capitalist pigs.
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    How to safely survive in the bush/on the streets as a women by yourself?

    To add to @Coywolf - you're getting ready to start some brutal ass winter shit up that way (I know South Dakota got hammered with snow in late-September, so you guys are probably getting nailed. A quick Google search of shelters in Thunder Bay area turn up shit that seems like referral...
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    Hurricane Recovery Jobs in Florida

    Yeah I feel ya there @SlankyLanky - buddy of mine got fucked doing work in North Carolina to clean up that mess. Got down there, was promised a 4-star hotel, blah blah. In the end, he shacked up with 5 dudes in a house they cleaned up, and instead of $15 an hour they got $9 an hour with no food...
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    Cuddling with close friends

    I'm always down for some friendly spooning. Or hugging while laying down in whatever position seems prudent. Not necessarily a "cuddle whore", but I'll rarely turn down an opportunity to pass out extended hugs.
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    personal ecperiences with tinder on road

    I'm sorry you went through all that, Candice! It does suck when dickwads like that ruin companionship for everyone else. In terms of meeting up with people, never give up hope! Good people in America exist - you just have to go with your gut. I met several women in my travels who led me into a...
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    How to deal with boyfriend drinking too much and me being homeless and leaving him?

    It's unfortunate you're still in Canada. At least being in the Southern part of America affords you the opportunity to stay warm longer, plus the social services seems to be much better than your area. In terms of your BF, it does suck to see someone you love slowly erode before your eyes. If...
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    Everything ok with ya?

    Everything ok with ya?
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    Dilly dilly!

    Dilly dilly!
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    What do STPers do in winter months?

    Yeah, just read that after I posted. I officially recant that suggestion.
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    What do STPers do in winter months?

    Well, cartel activity is picking up everywhere. The bullshit going down in Sinaloa and other Mexican states is spreading like wildfire. Tourists are being kidnapped and used as leverage in drug disputes. True story. The government is saying to avoid travel to Colima, Guerrero, Michoacán...
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    What do STPers do in winter months?

    Be safe down there - they're putting travel advisories all over Mexico (even in the traditionally "docile" areas).