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  • right on, im great. in philly right now, headed to pittsburgh with matt and then denver and then california again. i was just in richmond virginia for best friends day, i met heather there, shes awesome. it was a fun ass time.
    so me and my dog seth are hopping up to cheyenne today. should I wait or meet you in chicago?
    hey dude. you should hit me up on here whenever you can. prefferably before you get to cheyenne.
    k. me n sarah are gonna be heading to pdx in september. like we're leaving here on the 7th. you gonna be here before that?
    You should head back to Pike!
    I help with the FNB, we'd love to meet you.
    We're at Victor Steinbrueck Park, which is right behind Pike every Saturday 2pm - 5ish
    oh im in VA beach right meow just hanging out. then me and my all lady crew are going to the midwest then west coast for witch camp!
    man, i saw you front page of the Chattanooga Times Sunday Edition.
    where the fuck are you nails god damnit!!! I lost my phone. hit me up. we needs to booze it fucker
    what up man. where you at these days? I got locked up for my shit in CO but Im free again and on the road. hit me up
    Hey call me when you get out. We've been trying to find where you guys are. hope you are ok. The dogs are staying with one of mickey's friends right now.
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