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  • Yeah man, and the bridge didnt even smell like poop when we went through last haha. Damn man, I wish I could find wallets with money at every hop out spot hahaha.
    Hey man, we were sitting under the 25th street bridge readin tags and Nails said you were on here. Figured Id say hello
    Im still in CO. fucking cold as shit still.

    I had some warrants here so they swooped me up one night when I was all shitty running around. but atleast Im clean in CO now
    word. Im heading that way but I doubt Ill make savannah for st.paddies.
    what up man? where you at? I fucking got locked down for 3 months.
    Are you still in Roseville?

    I am heading South from PDX, gonna be passing through.
    I honestly dont really remember what happened. I guess I was pretty drunk which is odd. but I ended up heading back to CO to see my mom for the holidays.

    I talked to chris and jill and they said they were in texas. you still with them?
    Ill be heading down that way in a minute. I gotta go back to SF and get ID but then Im heading south. to NOLA.
    I saw your tag in my friend's Petri and Kenny's car
    Yeah, I saw your name under the steel bridge.
    yeah thats me. east coast midwest eastcoast. i dont imagine theres too many doobie D's out there
    unless i'm confusing you with someone else, i've seen your name scrawled fucking everywhere down the west coast.
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