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    crash landed into momma's arms:)
    I bet she missed her little oogle!
    I know I do.
    After 49 hours of COLD ass ridin (RSVL>PDX-- 5 ft. of snow in the cascades!!) Finally crash landed back in the PDX area
    they launched their life raft and got picked up by the coast guard from their EPIRB signal after a few hours, the container ship never even stopped, they sued the skipper and boat owner (a foreign company, of course) in court and it took 6 years to get everyone in court, thru the hearings, etc and get a final decision which was "Not Guilty".
    the funny thing about yor profile pic is that a friend of mine had his fiberglass boat get hit by a container ship and the exact same thing happened- his boat got lifted clear of the water on the freighters bow and he and cousin got to watch and shit their surviavl suits as their boat was ripped to shreds by the waves for a half hour
    what ex are you referring to?

    I had a good time. stayed in salisbury for a few days then bounced to Richmond for a few weeks, returned to salisbury to recover lol.

    it's all good. it was obviously a drunken misdial. I just happened to be very much so not in the mood for it. But now that it's been a min, I'll admit it was kinda damn funny.
    I really don't appreciate the vulgar message at 2 a.m.

    go fuck yourself, seriously. Hard.
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