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    Jambo Photos

    I honestly have no idea, and I'm not sure if anyone got a pic of the box, but @Cornelius Vango would be a better person to ask since that puzzle is still at the library back in its box.
  2. DoctorApocalypse

    Jambo Photos

    Nope, sadly I didn't manage to take any pics of the balloons :(
  3. DoctorApocalypse

    Jambo Photos

    Yep, that fucking puzzle, haha. But we finished it! :cool:
  4. DoctorApocalypse

    Jambo Photos

    And here's the pics I managed to take: Talent night and @sofarfromhome : The puzzle that @WanderLost Radical started and we all finished: A few panorama shots of the slabs around the library: And the Cactus Cooler, cos it's awesome and goes great with vodka :) \\
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    What you missed at the 2016 Jamboree

    I still can't thank everyone enough for everything at the jambo, it was ultra awesome, epic, amazing, fan-fuckin-tastic, and overall I had a blast. This year I'm glad I had a chance to hang out with y'all fuckers for the entire jambo vs last year when I was only able to be there for like 40...
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    Thank you had fun

    To echo everyone else, thank you to everyone so much, I had an amazing time at this year's jambo. And special thanks to @Cornelius Vango and @Caveman118 for opening up their home to all of us and being so patient and gracious as hosts. Also, thank you @Matt Derrick for organizing...
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    Official 2016 Jamboree Rideshare/Road dog Thread

    We should have room for ya, PM either me or @Matt Derrick your cell number and we'll hit ya up when we're ready to collect ya.
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    Yessir, that's the plan.

    Yessir, that's the plan.
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    The Vanual

    So I've been geeking out on this guy's camper van conversion build guide all day, it's one of the better builds I've seen and his guide is really well put together. It would also provide a good guideline for converting bigger vehicles like short and even full size buses... You can find the...
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    Caveman from Slab City library..

    Welcome aboard man!
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    I'm down for a Seattle meetup, just lemme know where/when. :)

    I'm down for a Seattle meetup, just lemme know where/when. :)
  12. DoctorApocalypse

    Stuck in Indonesia with no passport...

    And he's an Australian citizen? No offense but I find it really hard to believe that he can't go to an Australian embassy and get the assistance he needs...
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    Hey man, sent ya a PM.

    Hey man, sent ya a PM.
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    Stupid Answers to Stupid Questions

    Being fairly heavily and visibly modified usually results in a similar interaction with the general public: Q: How big are your gauges bro? A: 24 inches bro Q: Did that hurt? A: OMG you have no idea, and it causes me constant pain so I need massive quantities of drugs and alcohol to deal Q...
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    Just doin what I can. :)

    Just doin what I can. :)

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