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    Banned User Fevs banned for hate speech

    Oh and dear white people, how about know your (sorry, OUR) history? Being stupid and get a Nazi tattoo does not make you a Nazi. Best case you can become a neo Nazis nowadays, and to get that honnor I'd think one should act, and not just type shit on the internet. If everyone's a Nazi, no one's...
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    Banned User Fevs banned for hate speech

    Not LGBT, but Jewish. What does it have to do with anything? Would I hang out with this guy in real life? Hell no, he's a fuckin loser. Should he get banned from an online forum for something he wrote in private outside of that forum, which was by the way got Tottaly out of context? Hell No as...
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    Banned User Fevs banned for hate speech

    So this place got as far as excluding a member over a private message in a different server? Wow You all deserve the shit that the federal government is throwing at you cause you're just like them. Bunch of big brothers obsessed with your idiology. Jesus. *Commenting on first page.
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    Safe-ish spots or ways to sleep in NYC

    So is it a legend that you can spend the night in the subway? Also, I did that once in Canada in a Tim Hortons (their shitty coffee chain)- I bought one drink, so I'm a customer, and I just kinda slept there (sitting, so not good sleep, but a safe place to spend the night)
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    News & Blogs PSA: please don't swim in the mississippi

    Shame. I went all the way down from Quincy to Nola along this river, at no point it looked decent to enter. Rip Bsbd
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    I'm in Mexico City

    I'm in Mexico City
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    Hitching Canada west to east begining this tuesday.

    Winter hitchhiking in Canada will teach you some cold ass life lessons! Go for it! Yellowknife, Whitehorse or Takayuktak, They're all ready for you!
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    My names hobo maki and heres my late intro thread

    Hey Milenial hobo. Nice to meet you. You seem naive and nice (according to the ubi thing). Hope you don't get into anymore troubles with the law! Piss
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    touring on 20s?

    Why should cops hassle you? Unless you're driving on freeways in states you're not allowed to, cops should leave you alone. I only had 3 unwanted encounters with cops in a year: Ontario Canada; camping where I shouldn't have. Woke me up at midnight after were called by citizens (eventually left...
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    touring on 20s?

    No need to purchase any maps. The route is online, just bookmark dots on your Google maps/navigation app and you're set.. Basically, you don't even need the internet, the hwy system is parallel to the freeway, and many times you have Frontage roads which run just next to the freeway. Another...
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    touring on 20s?

    Throughout the US, besides the Levee roads, I don't recall any issues with road conditions. Wherever Google mark a road as a road, it was a good paved asphalt. Sure, if you're in a farming area and you see this square-shape roads, it's probably shitty Rocky farm roads, but there's no reason to...
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    touring on 20s?

    There's a website with safe (ish) bike paths across the country. The one you might be interested in is the southern tier My route from San Diego to Slab city went something like this: Hwy78 from...
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    Hopped on my bike, went 3,360 miles

    Pamir highway or in general silk route are highly travelled! Good luck with that
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    Where to go?

    Hey I guess that by now you should be really locked on your destination. If not, you get plenty of advices so I ain't gonna add my idea. About winter biking; well, it's sucks. But it's also doable. I'll spare the gear nececseties (I misspelled that) cause you got plenty of info and will...
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    Hopped on my bike, went 3,360 miles

    Very well written! Looks beautiful friend. I'm sorry if I missed, but any new plans for the nearby future? Maybe Vancouver to Whitehorse ;)