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  • for sure, by end of the time I was there, I was pretty much blacked out for a few days straight and decided to call it quits. First time Ive ever had the shakes that bad, thank you NOLA bahaha
    Yeah dude, it was pretty fucked up, but I never ran into anything bad down there personally. Although most of the people in my group did and left early. I guess you guys jammed with my friends Bear, Cody and Nicoli, I got to see some pictures of yall busking on Frenchmen
    I was there too, I dont think I ever actually met you and if I did I was drunk, but "Alex"'s public defender talked to me when he was looking for you and Scuba Steve to get his pack out of the school. So I just thought Id say whats up.
    wait are you in jacksonville or gainsville? haha i dont remember where you guys said you were going.
    yeah the greyhound sucked. it was my only option though really. i didnt have a crew change or people to roll with that knew shit. im probably gonna leave early to mid december. not too sure what im gonna do once i get back to the NW. probably post up for a few months until spring hits. family is going through some rough shit. my moms appartment burnt down, my little brother got diagnosed with aspburgers syndrom, my step brother is getting into some heavy shit. i think i owe it to my fam to stick around a little.
    just hangin with some family for thanksgiving. i gotta figure out how to get my hands on a crew change so i can head back west after. getting outta the ATL was a bitch. flew a sign at a walmart and made enough to get a greyhound ticket here. did you and bubbles get your dog?
    Oh alright thats cool. I was just curious cause I heard it was pretty difficult hitching through texas. I was debating whether I should hitch through next time or come through with a car.
    Yeah I'm sure it'll work out. For sure. I'll most likely be coming through austin around the same time too. Did you hitch through texas?
    dude distro its nick. sorry for peacing out so soon man. billy is a peice of shit. i ditched his ass in atlanta and now im in sarasota FL. hit me back if you can dude.
    Thats cool. Pretty soon I'm gonna head up to SLO and kick it there for a little while and then maybe go up to Drawbridge island...I've always wanted to go it seems cool. I took a studio mic. it was over 100 bucks I think. I might win the case though cause I'm requesting the video footage and the security tackled me and handle the whole situation wrong so I might be able to get out of it.
    I might have to do some time in county...its pretty crazy. I went to court and they charged me with commercial burglary as a felony. I had the choice either to do 30 days or go to trial or something like that in october. So all i have planned is to get a job and save up some cash for a while. What are you up to?
    Thats cool. Nothin much I'm hanging out in So Cal right now. Just finished doing some jail time for shoplifting...that suuuucked. Long beach sucks
    Yo I think I saw you in austin. I was with those dudes that were going to the rainbow gathering. The guy with the uke jamming with that dude on sax haha
    I'm in BC, headed back to Winnipeg. Won't be traveling again until next summer at least. I might be at another fest or two, or in BC again to pick some fruit. If you are in any of those parts, or in Winnipeg, Manitoba, let me know. Or I just might have some experiential reports on stuff from Canada.
    haha shit i know. i just drank myself silly with sidewalk slammers in ohio. met some cool cats. you going to the rainbow gathering in iowa by any chance? ive never been so i think we're gonna hit it up. we're already in indiana.
    soyth florida huh? fuckin no forties bro! iono might mob down to the keys or somethin, wanna show my ol lady a sunrise and sunset from the same place.. winter time you can find our asses in athens or savannah out to nola
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