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  • Where you at fucker! I'm in Butte headed for Chico...call I'm at 920-224-2751
    Hey where are you now? I went to Ocala regionals and even a-cola. Then I hopped to mobile and hitched to montgomery and visited Hank Sr. gravesite. I'm in ATL but am going to hop to NC soon. Lemme know! I still have the 608-358-5118 #, but I'm not sure for how long...
    you got a new number...you should hit me up if your ever in texas...6613317488
    i probably know em.....fuck yuma, dude i did 7 mths there for bein caught in a squathouse...lame....yeah, uh, im not good with names id prolly recognize his face......
    Heh, I knew I recognized that fac tat from somewhere. Ya might not remember me but we where hanging out for a minute at new years... you seemed a little outta it.
    Yo! I'm in San Antone and it's burnt as fuck. Cold and people are cold. I may go further south...gimmie a call, I lost my other phone so call 608-358-5118...
    hey! will you come see me next mardi gras?!? Ive been back home in nola for a minute now. im staying here then, after that i dunno some come hit me up!
    Hahaha...nice. Yeah, I'm amazed I never got sent to OPP last year. I was drunk every day, of course, so I'm surprised. I didn't even get hassled. Where are you headed now? I'm kinda stuck in my hometown for a little bit. Guess you could call it a vacation. ha
    Hey, I just realized I met you in NOLA last Halloween. I was looking at my myspace friends and figured it out. How've you been?
    hey im on mah way! Dont leave! Ill be there tommorrow or thurs by the latest! I got a ride!
    That sucks! We just called the other day too but your phone was off. Im fucking stuck in PA dude, I cant get the fuck out of here! Its too cold here, Im coming south no matter what! Probably by myself too. Where you headed after nola?
    Saw you in Asheville today, it took me a few minutes to distinguish you from the "vaguely familiar traveling kids" that are always in town. If you get around a computer and see this before you're out of town, give me a call. 704-904-9174
    I just now discovered the message you put on my profile in December. (You asked about how I was doing at learning how to hop.) Well, the up-to-date answer is, it's going pretty slowly, but it's going to get quick very soon. I'm getting ready to start a long train journey around the country, starting in a couple weeks. I'm planning to take a few short hops first to try and get the hang of it... hopefully I can find someone, otherwise on my own I can probably get the hang of it at least somewhat.
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