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    The VW road trip

    Cool, also VW obsessed. My 4th one just blew up a week ago :(
  2. Detrivore

    Enviornmental/Conservation Projects

    My friend is at that Climate Ground Zero and it sounds like important work. Mountaintop removal is bullshit. He liked being there when I first talked to him at least, i should call him. My girlfriend has been working at a native plants nursery and restoring habitats (also the goddam...
  3. Detrivore

    West Galcier, Montana '08

    yeah, it didn't float as high as expected and the river wasn't as deep as thought either. It was mostly about boys nailing a bunch of shit together, it was really heavy, not well though out, fun. That last picture is it stuck in shallow water, it never floated that high off water.
  4. Detrivore

    WVO Veggie oil diesel

    <crappy internet, double post confusion>
  5. Detrivore

    WVO Veggie oil diesel

    UPDATE: After you sent me that Matt I got the confidence to do it finally for cheap. I spent around $230 total and it works awesome. I bought a 6 port pollak valve ($50) and a fuel filter ($17) and you could probably scrap the rest but i couldn't in the town i live in. My method uses no extra...
  6. Detrivore

    Washington Regional Rainbow Gathering

    Washington Reigonal Rainbow Gathering sick, if my veggie oil conversion is done i might take some people, otherwise take the train from everett/thumb.
  7. Detrivore

    that migration map was very good. Never planned on poaching but i wondered if the Wildlife...

    that migration map was very good. Never planned on poaching but i wondered if the Wildlife management give low enough minimums, they don't. It also let me know the population in my zone is decreasing so just gonna let them swim (even though its legal to fish). Need to fish somewhere less...
  8. Detrivore

    So, whose into anarchism/permaculture/primitive skills/anarchism/fermentation...

    yeah dude. thats totally understandable. Condescending anarchists or neo feral, anti-civ people lecturing you to drink yerba mate instead of coffee or something. SOCIALLY I have never liked being in anarchist, organic permaculture crowds, or even punks. My friends don't really subscribe to...
  9. Detrivore

    Last nights camps spot outside Index, Washington

    Cool! I was just gonna go here tomorrow morning to fish. I am down hwy 2 a bit but have scoped this spot out before.
  10. Detrivore

    Rainbow Regional in South Maine

    could someone PM me about the Washington regional? Plan on showing up with my homie via thumb.
  11. Detrivore

    WVO Veggie oil diesel

    thanks matt! this will put me in the library for quite some time. But i should be able to figure it out. The average WVO people are not accommodating to anyone wanting to really do it from scratch with what they got.
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    yo parasite, welcome to the boards. There is some helpful info all over here about "boarding trains" :) but specifics are not discussed except through private message maybe. -B
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    West Galcier, Montana '08

    let me indulge in nostalgia. camped on BNSF property in west glacier and built this shitty raft to go down the flat head river. Planned up on ending up in flat head lake, where mel gibson has a house. I think we only made it a mile or two. pretty fun though. Wish i could track down these dudes.
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    WVO Veggie oil diesel

    hey, I tried searching for the subject but came up with nothing...surely people on here have fucted with waste oil diesel engines right? I read mattpist is working on a bus. I have worked on my friends converted suburban and owned a converted rabbit but have yet to do one from scratch. I...
  15. Detrivore

    whatcha reading right now?

    FUCK YES! Journey to Ixlan! Now I don't feel like such a crystal toting new age freak. I recommend Tales of Power the most out of casteneda's work. macks, i just got done reading an in depth book about NW migratory fish this afternoon. I live on a salmon stream and am anticipating them in a...

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