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  • Living in Albuquerque at the edge of the war zone. Will be heading out after may 2014 becoming a rubber tramp. Getting older now
    going to hit the road probably in sept anyone in the area north of nola or south of shreveport
    Hey Dawg !
    Did you make it to Rainbow Land ?
    I was there a short time as I got a ride back to Oakland from Portland so was
    unable to stay as long as I wanted - ie for clean up.
    Was camped by Instant Soup & Bees on Earth.
    Hope you made it and shame we didn't get to meet !
    I didn't think you were. I travel and enjoy my life. I have traveled solo for many years. I have found that to be up front when I talk to people so that nothing is misunderstood. I agree that seeing the stars above my head and smelling the morning dew can never be substituted living in a city or town. I hope that as you grow within your life you can reach out and touch the stars an enjoy that moment. Please feel free to write and I will reply only with positive words.
    Jean Andre Vallery
    I;m definitely not looking for a man.
    I miss being free and sleeping roofless in the dirt.
    Hey! Whats up.
    I was just thinking you'd probably be a enjoyable person to travel with.
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