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  • I enjoyed reading the thread about old music that you posted.
    You should check out Chattanooga TN, there's a big old time
    music scene there.
    yeah man, im actually in Richmond right now staying at this kid adams house. They talk about you a bunch here
    To be honest, I'm more interested in learning about the old time instrumental stuff you mentioned. I thought it all fell under the "bluegrass" label though, so I'm glad you brought it up. Feel free to talk away!

    Hampton Roads is ugly, dangerous, and not pedestrian friendly. I can't recommend coming. It does have cheap community college tuition and there are plenty of places to hide if you prefer woods squatting to building squatting.
    Half Peach, or Happy. Hes a little asian kid with a banjo and a chihuahua. I gave Joy and them a ride back to Alabama the day after the Day of the Dead.
    Hey there, I believe I met you in Nola and you helped to teach my road dawg how to play claw hammer, correct or no?
    Right on, the busking scene is definitely hopping during the warm months. There's always some competition for the best spots so you have to either get lucky or start early in the morning (especially on weekends) before the usuals show up (and they will stick around for hours hogging the best three corners). But I always manage to reel in some cash as long as I set up anywhere along Howard Street. Y'all shouldn't have any problems.

    Let me know if you have any difficulty securing a show. The Barley Street pub in the Benson neighborhood might be another place to contact, they cater to folky/old-time/acoustic/singer-songwriter stuff quite often.
    Hey Lyle, there's a new skate shop called The Hole that has shows on the weekends. I believe that Lucas from Black Heart Booking is booking shows there, you can get in touch with him at I can't vouch for him personally simply because I've never met the dude, but I know he does a lot of shows with the DIY hardcore scene here. The shop is run by my friend Anna's husband, they're good folks.

    As for house shows, most of my friends have moved on from Omaha so I'm not really in touch with anyone around here anymore and mostly do my own thing. I'll see what else I can come up with though! I may not be around in May, but stay in touch. If I'm still here, you'll have a place to crash and will be well fed, and I'll do whatever I can to help y'all meet your other needs. If you're around for a couple of days I can take you around to some good hiking spots :)

    - adam
    Lyle! Slanky and I are in NOLA right now headed to Tucson. Hope things are good in Richmond. Later on!
    hey, man how is it going with the case? I asked around if anyone in asheville saw the incident go down at Best Friends day and if they did to contact me but, only one person I talked to was there and said they had no idea what was going on. Let me know how things are. Good Luck!
    lyle lyle crocodile! i miss seeing you. get in touch with me. i want to come to your court date if i am in richmond. some fucked up shit happened there (i had been gone for 5 days when it happened) so now i have a subpoena for a completely unrelated investigation...and am required to come back to richmond for it.
    Whoa, that's nuts.

    I don't have contact info except here. All of my shit was either stolen or disappeared. what did you get charged with?
    You should get in-touch with us, Boone and I. My phone number is 804-921-2026. We should hang out, we just moved into our house yesterday!
    Do you happen to play a banjo in asheville at times?
    I think I saw you, I walked by, I wanted to hang out and talk but, my friends and I were in a hurry that day!
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