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  • Ah!!! Are you still in Richmond? What's going on, how are you? Yes, I still have that delightful picture of your mooseknuckle.
    I have your mp3 player, yo! Its with me in raleigh, I can mail it or I might be at bfd.

    How ya been, where ya at, etc...
    Jeff didn't ever find a place but I don't think he's been looking that hard. Distro's going great.
    I believe we met last time I was there. I came through with Weiz and Alana. We tabled a show at Sue's. Alana gave you a tattoo.
    buddy old buddy old buddy old buddy old buddy. how the hell are you, my friend? i meeess you so deeearly.
    Hey maestro it's kevin, ben's friend from south jersey. I was in greensboro last week but I couldn't get a hold of you. How've you been?
    hey, maestro! funny, harper and i just talked about you earlier today. that's cool, mike's coming back? how about you, what are up to?

    me, i'm just kicking it in cali, starting to feel a little more settled in and trying to feel okay about that. staffing the infoshop, doing some food not bombs, and still failing at working at the bike co-op. no work yet, but i'm not hurting for it, having shelter and food and all.
    Too late! Already in Chicago, hanging here for a few days. My trip went pretty well. If you're heading east with a crew, I'd suggest the BNSF highline (I dont know if you've ridden east before or not)

    The UP line went fine for me, but I did get ticketed in Hinkle being low key, had my unit checked while waiting in the bathroom in Pocatello, ID and very nearly almost got caught in North Platte! You'd have problems with a big group, but it could be done.

    If you need more specific info, I can message you more. Unless your set already. Hit me up.
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