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  • Got down here to the bay a week or two ago where I still am waitin for a friend to catch up to us. I was planning on hopping outta here up to roseville then going back down to colton but might not due to the supposed hightened security I've been hearing about up at rv after that dude lost his legs. I guess that's my current situation, other than that same ol I guess. It;s still pretty cold and snowy through the cascades if you're planning on riding through there but you probly know that
    Jesus - everything on here has changed alot. Thinking of you. thought I'd say hi! WHat's your email?
    She's 460, Compass, and lives in Rogers, AR. We don't see each other much, but I still send her a check once a year. Nice to meet a fellow traveler around here.
    hey there's a really epic scavenger hunt in slo on new years if you're around there, it should be mighty fun
    hopefully around mid-february. might fly to europe from there, visit family who knows. by the way, whats awhile? but, if history has taught me anything, that question is pretty much useless to ask. all up in the air. best of luck. KILL
    What is that sick Masonic, Stonecutters, Fraternal Order Of The All-Seeing Eye Imperial Majestic Wizard On-High avatar shit you've got now?!?
    2/22/2009 5:40pm CST- Outsourcing office has verified the visa is processed correctly. hell yea motherfucker! just gotta go and pick it up now. gotta start flight booking.
    you're cooking somethin in the kitchen right now and it smells delightful...wonder what it is..dumpster eggs? im going to go investigate and then pack up my room. ugh. sorry if ya think im being a meanie things are just ferrrkin crazy right now grr.
    crap. i look like im friggen stoned in the pictures i had taken to submit for my visa. i wonder if its worth the 5 bucks to have them done again. but thats no guarantee they'll turn out presentable. dropping of the application this monday. wish me luck. i have a feeling im worrying to much.
    thanks! no i hadn't - just googled it though...i have so much to learn about meatrolls! hahaha
    How much longer are you going to be in Portland?
    Monday I may have some work/cash at the end of the day. I can treat you to tacos and pay you back. Depending on how many hours the dude gives me.
    What was that one website for intentional communities? Im reading one of the perma-culture books I checked out, stuff gets more and more interesting.

    Im at Derricks, going to fix my flat tire and probably ride downtown to the Sisters/Blanchet then figure out where I will start applying for jobs.

    Whats your plans?
    missed you this time around. Call me or stop by next time you're in the 'hood!
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