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    Safe-ish spots or ways to sleep in NYC

    Never been but my friend said he just made friends with other dirty kids and slept in a bum pile on the sidewalks of the lower east side. Safety in numbers.
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    Do you identify as asexual

    Definitely not asexual but I'm starting to think I might be aromantic.
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    In all seriousness, what do you think the world would look like if tomorrow everyone decided to become a vagabond?

    And I mean everyone, even The Man. Just a thought experiment, not to be used as an argument against the lifestyle. What would happen in the first 24 hours, month, year, decade, and century?
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    What's the story with Maine?

    I come from Maine. Summer and Fall are nice, although it can get surprisingly hot in Summer (upwards of 100F, sometimes a degree or two over at the peak in July). Fall is a little chilly sometimes but nothing a good jacket and sleeping bag can't handle. Winter is obviously cold as balls, and...
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    Hello, friends

    Thanks everybody. This is something we (depressed travelers) hear a lot. That travel is not a cure, you can't run from your problems, wherever you go there you are, etc. But suppose for a moment I find that as long as I keep moving, I am happy. Suppose my depression and anxiety only comes back...
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    Middle-Eastern Background, Would I have problems Hitchhiking the west coast?

    I don't think you can walk on most or even all of 101 either. At least all the onramps I happened to be at had "no pedestrian" signs. Edit: My apologies, it's a matter of freeway vs highway sections. Guess I was just unlucky.
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    arcata, ca - hitchhiker ride drove off with pack and guitar

    Step 1. Set gear on ground. Step 2. Enter vehicle Step 3. Pull gear into vehicle. Reverse when exiting.
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    Hello, friends

    My name is Clem. I come from Auburn, Maine and spent the first 25, almost 26 years of my life practically living in my bedroom. Never traveled, never did any outdoor activities. I've struggled with depression since 7th grade and 2017 was the worst it ever got. During the last six months of that...