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  • yeah i'm gonna have to set that up in the next year or two (PCT). i also wanted to go for the CDT and go ahead and make it a triple-crowner. i fucking love the wilderness. walking all damn day and constantly seeing new things every moment. that "100 mile wilderness" on the AT was no joke though.
    Clay - what's your email? And where are you? Idaho? I'm working for Northwest Youth Corp this summer - somewhere in Idaho...shoot me your email.
    The Art of Loving was out from the library so I got 'On Disobedience' instead. Thank you so much - Erich Fromm is the bomb! Clay and Dirty's book exchange - WORD!
    Well fuckin' EEHHH CLAY - let's do it! You keep me posted - in the meantime - I could use some good winter reading myself. Between obsessive crochet and fiddle and violin lessons - I need some good reads. Right now I'm reading the Tibetan Book of the Dead, some short stories by Rudy Rucker, The Yoga of Time Travel and The Contortionists Handbook. Good stuff.
    The NOC is closed for the winter - so it's seasonal work from about May through October. You should totally try it out with me! let's go!!!!! They need anyone from raft guides to schlupping dishes in the restaurants to leading mountain bike tours..etc. I need to get my Wilderness First Aide before I leave here though - it's fucking expensive. Are you looking forward to the ski work you lil' snow bunny?
    AhHHAaha Aah - Clay you ol' scumbag. Still in Oregon - but leaving here in May and will be working at the NOC and guessed it...Vermont after that. That's the plan anyway....nice to hear from you man - where are you?
    I believe this one was in atlanta. I didn't know there was one in boise! Have to find it next time I'm through. Where is it at?
    ya caleb's little brothers are the friends I'm talking about. as far as trains go I rode my first train about a week ago -many more to come
    fuck I've known him since I was in baby shoes. He's my best friend's cousin but I hadn't seen him in years until I randomly saw him walking down the street a few days ago
    Hey do you know a kid from kuna named adam? I ran into him last night and he said something about a friend of his named clay who rode trains so I assumed it was you I guess
    you're not the clay i talked with briefly hitching through cave junction, are you? that i met in ohio the year before?

    but yeah, i used to live in boise...i don't miss it. but i had fun while i was there, before i saw the bigger world outside it.
    i went to high school in meridian and lived there for a couple years afterward. i did a semester at boise state before realizing school is not for me.
    Doin any riding up there? With the balmy temperature and all ...
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